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Get all your valuable contractor information in one place

Intuit 1099 Manager lets you create and track contractor payments year round, and makes tax time a snap


Easily and securely pay contractors

Our service makes paying your contractors easy -- you can print checks, write your own, or use free direct deposit 

Track your contractor payments

Easily see all your payments to contractors in one place, and keep track of them throughout the year.

Access from anywhere

Intuit 1099 Manager is cloud-based, so you can access and make contractor payments from anywhere!

Contractors can log in

Enable your contractors to easily log in and see their current and past payments

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Makes tax time a snap

Intuit 1099 Manager integrates with our E-File service, so you can seamlessly import your contractor data at year-end
(Extra charge applies for creating & filing 1099-MISC forms)

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